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Rafael Aguilar


At the young age of 21 years old, Mr. Aguilar already had 3 years of management experience. By 23 years of age he was a General Manager for Sportsplex Management Group, the largest indoor sports complex company in the United States. Mr. Aguilar first ventured into Entrepreneurship at the age of 25 years old as the Chief Operating Officer and Marketing Strategist for Khov & Aguilar Services LLC. 

He is currently set to graduate September 2021 at American Public University with a Bachelor's in Philosophy. Mr. Aguilar plans to further continue his education to pursue a Ph.D. because he believes the study of Philosophy helps you better understand society, the people around you and most importantly yourself. Outside of work, he loves to spend time with his three beautiful children and practice Freemasonry. Every Sunday, Mr. Aguilar does his best to attend mass at Gateway Church at Southlake.

As a former franchise owner of Tropical Smoothie Café, he understands the frustration many business owners have in finding the right marketing company to work with. With over 10 years of marketing experience developing his own strategic and innovative approach, he founded Cloud 9 Marketing with the vision to ensure business owners receive long term results. Mr. Aguilar is also an a owner of a limousine and transportation company located in the 33rd floor of Thanksgiving Tower. 

On a side note, he hopes to someday meet his entrepreneur idol Mark Cuban.

Managing Partners

Rafael Babadzhanov


Rafael Babadzhanov is a Real Estate Broker and the Founder of Skyline Realty in Dallas, Texas.

He has a very diverse background in the Real Estate industry. Rafael graduated from the University of Texas in Dallas and has a tremendous amount of experience in Real Estate Law and Finance. He was a Senior Paralegal for a Real Estate law firm and is very familiar with the Mortgage and Title process. Rafael was also a personal financial assistant at a credit union and manager of a restaurant. Having lived in the Dallas area for around 20 years gives him an invaluable amount of knowledge about DFW which empowers him to consult his clients in any unique situation that may arise.   

Under Rafael’s leadership, Skyline Realty has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success in recent years. By numerous testimonials of Skyline Realty clients, the company comes highly recommended in terms of customer satisfaction, quality of services, efficiency and overall client satisfaction.

He is happily married to his beautiful wife Viktoriya, and together they have two boys Anthony and Paul, ages 4 and 1 along a Siberian Husky named Niko. Outside of work he is an avid reader and martial arts enthusiast. Rafael is a proud Russian American and well-loved and respected in the Russian community.

As an established business owner and Entrepreneur, Rafael brings a valuable perspective and experience on how build a successful empire. He is excited for the future and will do everything in his power for Cloud 9 Marketing to be successful.

Rose & Ronel Aguilar


Rose and Ronel Aguilar have been happily married for over 30 years and are the parents of Jan Rafael Aguilar. They have three other children named Barbie Ann, Abigail and Ronel II. 

 Ronel arrived in the United States as an immigrant with twenty dollars in his pocket and a dream to have a better life. He retired from the United States Navy after 21 years of Service. With an MBA from Troy State University and over 30 years of Financial and Management experience, Ronel now works for the United States Government inside the Pentagon. If he is not spending time with his wife Rosemarie, he is an avid reader of mystical concepts and a martial arts practitioner. 

 Rose is a proud mother of four children and grandmother of three. For 21 years, she devoted her time to her family while Ronel was out for sea duty six to nine months out of a calendar year serving the U.S. Navy. With the responsibility of raising four children half the time on her own, Rose was still able to gain 15 years of experience in the customer service industry working for a renowned retail company Beall’s, Fortune 500 Company IBM Computers, U.S. Navy Exchange and U.S. Navy Lodge. She studied nursing in Emilio Aguilnaldo College in the Philippines. Rose is a devoted Catholic and with her spare time loves to garden and spend time with her husband Ronel.

With Rose and Ronel’s combined 45 years of experience both in the Government and the Private sector, they bring valuable and priceless knowledge to Cloud 9 Marketing’s Managing Team.

Director, Networking / Promotions

Benjamin Cooper



Ben's experience in promotions started at just 16 years old. He promoted his first event - a small local concert, and had over 200 attendees show. He has booked shows at almost every venue in  Deep Ellum including The Door/Prophet Bar, Trees, The Curtain Club, and more including Six Flags in Arlington. 

He has performed as a hip hop/break dancer for youth rallies and school events, and has coordinated occasions for motivational speakers. Since then, he has had vast experience in promotions and getting crowds to form at any specific location.

As an extrovert with a passion for fitness who loves to socialize and help others, Ben started his first Personal Training business at 22 years old called Results Driven Fitness. In a years time he partnered with Jason Floyd and Jennifer Maldonado extending Results Driven Fitness' reach in the DFW area. Together, coordinating as a team, they built the business by networking with local medical/rehab clinics, nutrition and weight loss centers, and other fitness professionals as well as the use of online lead generation from Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. 

Ben is also an avid blogger with You Tube and utilizes affiliate marketing through Amazon to promote other companies' products. He has served over 6 years in the Marine Corps and has learned the value of strong communication skills as well as the importance of creating a powerful network and putting the right people together at the right time.

Ben is excited to be a part of Cloud 9 Marketing, and looks forward to working with several businesses to coordinate successful networking events in the DFW area.


Senior Mobile App / Web Developer

Borix Njei


Borix is a young Texas based interactive designer and graduate from The University of Texas At Arlington. 

He is seasoned and reliable well-rounded Web Designer with a strong work ethic and customer service and satisfaction record. Borix is adept multitask-er capable of bringing simultaneous web page creation and repair projects to completion with full accuracy and efficiency.   


He is a huge sports fan! Borix loves watching football, basketball and baseball only during the playoffs because it’s exhausting keeping up with all the baseball games.  Borix is super crazy about fitness and he plans on competing in a body building tournament in the near future.    

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Web Developer

Clarissa Gonzalez


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Motion Graphic / Graphic Designer

Jazzie Gonzalez


Originally from a little big city named Waco, Jazzie Gonzalez has spent the past 7 years cultivating her creative talents in Dallas with an intention to grow into a professional storyteller in TV/Film Production Industry. Jazzie is a board member rising chair with Women in Film Dallas and a Production Assistant for clients like Toyota, HGTV and ABC Studios.

As a graduate with a BFA in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production from the Art Institute of Dallas, Jazzie contributed to an audio visual production start-up as the sole content creator. There she added to her video production arsenal and taught herself print and graphic design, motion graphics, and web design. With the creative side of marketing down, Jazzie is now switching gears to connect with the people.

As a Social Media Consultant with Cloud 9 Marketing Jazzie is thrilled to help businesses connect and stay connected with their customers.

Jazzie loves spending time with her pet rabbits Sonny and Eevee, practicing yoga, rocking out at live shows, and actively pursuing her best self. Jazzie looks for experience that will push her to uncomfortability living by the mantra, “If it scares you, do it!”


Graphic Designer

Perla Morales-Aguilar


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360 Virtual Tour / Photographer

Howard Kan


Howard Kan is a Digital Media Artist. He has 7 years of experience directing short films, documentaries, and commercials. Howard has produced videos for a wide range of clients including a TV stations, event producers, restaurants, fashion/beauty companies, and a skateboard distribution company.

He believes that media is the most powerful form of communication. "Films have the power to impact the mind and heart of every individual." His goal is to provide value through imagery, whether it be photography, video, or 360 (VR).

As virtual reality technology progressed, Howard saw the utility and value that it provides for businesses. He quickly mastered the workflow for creating 360 (VR) images and is excited to provide Cloud 9 clients with the highest quality interactive tours. 

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Social Media Consultant

Ismael Luna


Ismael Luna comes from the East Coast state of Maryland, but he’s lived pretty much in Dallas majority of his life. Ismael is an undergraduate pursuing International Business and is driven, ambitious, and outgoing. He speaks Spanish and is very fluent in that language in all aspects.

He is experience in customer service along with a very welcoming personality, which makes it easy to speak with him. Ismael is very knowledgeable and understands the importance regarding social media and marketing. He has many influences in the business world and understands how to achieve their business needs.

Ismael is an athlete and he likes to play soccer, tennis and loves to jog. He is a father and husband. He loves to travel, go camping, and spend time with family and friends.

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